Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Designing A Worthy Spring

The one time of year when everything gets possible again. 
In design world this is the "fun" season. 
Fun colors, fun ideas and fun ways to breathe new life into all parts of our lives. 
Here is our list of essential spring memories to create.  

Just be. Enjoy the simple moments, the sunshine and especially the flowers. 

Be bold with color. No flinching! If you love it then paint it. Especially in the places you wouldn't think to. 

I recently heard a chef explain that her grandmother cultivated the art of bringing her family together through food. Gather, cook, drink wine and repeat. Soon it will be winter again.

Plant anything. It makes you feel good and adds life to a space. 

The one time a year all those January resolutions have a fighting chance. 
Organize well, the future you will appreciate it. 

Revamp, revive and renew. Objects unlike people need constant clarification of their purpose and need. Love it, fix it up or donate it. 

Wear something you will remember. The one time a year it's not too cold or too hot. Be daring and unexpected. Face it, everyone has seen you in your jeans by now. 

Simply enjoy this time when the earth shifts and everything seems so much more beautiful than last month. 

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