Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Model Home Design "Extreme Theme-ing"

I called this post extreme theme-ing cause this is a very important topic in model home design that needs some serious intervention. It all starts with a good idea, perhaps a nautical theme or sports concept, but somewhere along the path a model home designer can veer way off track and land in the world of extreme theme-ing.
Evidence of this unfortunate staging problem can be seen in over sized wall murals, an insane amount of props that have no reason of being in the room (IE fishing net on bed) & lots of 3 dimensional accessories that should probably never have been considered for room decor (IE rope, light saber or Lego's).
Let's just say any reference to a motion picture, cartoon character or toy is off limits in home decor. 

So how do you sale a kids room when staging a model home? Well, here our a few basic ideas to keep us on track and not over theme the potential buyer/renter to death.
1. Inspire imagination. A kids room should be fun and make kids say "I want to live here". You can incorporate a creative focal point without a dramatic mural. Kids love function (they spend most of their waking time moving & playing) so appeal to this desire to play/pretend/chill with an interesting piece that gets them excited.

2. Pick a color and find all the tones. Kid's rooms do not need to be rainbow filled messes. A kids room is in a constant stage of chaos with playing, toys, homework & friends. Parents know this and when they tour a home they want tranquil, calm, soothing & organized. A great way to create a great kids space without tapping into a crayola box is to pick one color and furnish the room in shades of that same color. 
3.  Show function. Parents want to know that this room can be multi talented when it comes to the needs of their adorable offspring. Can they do their homework here? What about a sleepover? Is there enough storage? Can they grow up in this room, will it adapt to the different seasons of their life?A kid model home room should answer these questions. 

4. Accent theme. Kids do have things they are into and you can show this in a design theme, but accent with it. When setting out to showcase a kids bedroom use props sparingly. Create visual interest without turning the entire room into a section at the toy aisle.
Overall a themed room is not a bad idea. Just be cautious to not over theme. Kids are an important part of the home buying/renting decision. Most people move because they are having children or need more space for their existing children. Play to parents good side by creating spaces that are charming, creative and gets them thinking, "this could be (insert kids name here) room".


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