Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blue Green Inspirational Color Tones

Blue Green inspiration is borrowed from the natural tones of succulents. Shades of navy, gray & emerald greens would make for a beautiful model home interior that is appealing to both men & women. Bold stripes and various levels of sheen give this look an elegant feel.

 Ralph Lauren makes the best paint tones when it comes to blue. I adore this shade paired with the emerald pillow cover and accents of white. This look can get very dark very fast so always be sure to accent with white or shades of gray.

Re-purposing is my new favorite word of 2011. Minwax is a fantastic stain that is available in all sorts of great colors at Home Depot. Finding an old dresser and giving it a fresh coat of colored stain can be that one "wow" piece in a room.

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