Tuesday, October 20, 2015

3 Color Trends and Why We Should Care

Color Trends dominate the home interior industry and can have significant input when it comes to marketing, selling or creating a space. According to the Color Marketing Group, "Up to 85% of the consumer decision is based on color". Color trend groups like Paint Quality, The Pantone Institute and The Color Marketing Group spend endless energy tapping into color trends and forecasting. 

Why does this matter? In fashion, things can be quick and inexpensive to produce. If a baby blue tone is trending, a factory can easily crank out t shirts in the same hue and ride the trend wave. For the home interior industry, our products are more costly and need to have a longer shelf life. When it comes to selecting finishes like counter tops, flooring and paint colors, we really have to understand the trends to ensure our decisions are marketable and long living.

 Here are 3 color trends we should care about right now. 

1. Gray still remains strong. We will continue to see the very popular pairing of gray and white tones. Gray has overtaken the home interior market and will continue to do so. Why the love for gray? “It’s understated and sophisticated,” according to the Paint Quality Institute in a 2015 color trends report.
Our favorite gray this season is Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore. 

Revere Pewter - Benjamin Moore

2. Pastels are an actual thing.  Benjamin Moore introduced 23 new colors this year, providing an array of pastel tones. Paint colors like Lavender Mist, Peach Parfait and Iced Mauve were seen through out their new collection. The Pantone Institute recommended similar pastel tones, adding a very sophisticated vibe to the colors we are seeing. 

 Another great pastel is Aqua Marine. This has been a popular color this year and has made way for various softer blues. Softer pastels indicate a desire for sophistication, which some color experts attribute to our economy. We seem to like calmer more sophisticated interior finishes when we have a sense of security. These are great ideas for secondary spaces like powder baths, laundry rooms and model homes. Primary color selection should stay neutral.

One if our favorite light blue tones is Palladium Blue - Benjamin Moore.

Another favorite is Wedgewood Gray - Benjamin Moore

3. Metallic's and anything that shines & sparkles. Shades of copper, gold, and silver is an awesome pop of sheen in the more mundane color palettes. I love the accent of gold and copper in accessories, a toss pillow or even a fun light fixture. 


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