Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Being Bold with Color in Model Homes

Color can be tricky. We tend to go very bold or not bold enough. When selecting color I always refer back to nature. If you want to be sure a color combination will work, look for it in nature. The number one indicator of a great model home is by far color. Color is what attracts potential renters or buyers to you. Model homes are a great way to stand out and explore with vibrant colors.
This combination of citron and gray can be an awesome pairing. The gray serves as a wonderful backdrop to the vibrant citron. This is a great color palette for multi family model interiors because it appeals to both men and women. It is playful and exciting enough to be memorable and feel new and fresh.

Benjamin Moore makes a wonderful Citron color. Yellow French is a little toned down version of the stronger Citron. Pair these with two of my favorite Benjamin Moor grays, Gray Owl and Stonington Gray. Always use flat finishes when applying a drastic color. 

The end product can offer a multi generational pleasing atmosphere. This color selection paired with stark white can really provide some awesome interior photos. As we all know, our potential renters are shopping us online first. By looking to nature for bold color pairings, you can create an online presence that sets you apart from the other properties. 

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