Friday, February 13, 2015

Red. the color that makes people do things.

It's Valentines Day and all, so why not explain the power of this intriguing color that we see plastered around right now. 

So what's the deal with red? It is the color of blood, fire and there has to be a reason we put it on stop signs. Red is a power color. It means courage, danger and strength all at the same time. How does red work in our world? Well, we design environments to get people want to make decisions.

Red can be a valuable tool when designing for multi-family housing. We can use the power of red to our advantage. Everything in moderation of course, so let's break down when and where we can use red and how it can help our prospective renters make decisions. 

1. Signage is a great way to add some force of color. Red makes you stop and take notice. Adding red to your exterior or marketing signage in a clean and neat fashion can really get your property noticed. 

2. Sales Areas. Red is know to elevate peoples blood pressure. It is an energy color. In a sales environment, it is important to keep peoples attention and really up the energy in a space. 

3. Offices. This is not a boring snooze color. It radiates power and determination, both traits we want our management team to be reminded of on those boring Thursday afternoons. 

4. Outside. The great thing about exterior living spaces is they get to be fun. Adding red planters or pops of red in our pool areas can really turn up volume on some tired outdoor spaces. Consider refreshing this spring with a bold red pop. 

5. Model Home. Red is definitely a memory color. Any prospective tenant that tours a model home that is laced with shades of red, will remember it. Red is an intense color and evokes emotion. Isn't that the whole reason we furnish models? We want people to get an emotional connection to a space. 

Red can be loud and obnoxious if not used in a defined and balanced way. Let us all remember the value of such a vibrant color on such an energetic day. Happy Valentines Everyone. 

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